Education programs

  • The Dagan Foundation is striving to assist disadvantaged children and adult in education in Togo by:
  •  Establishing schools in rural areas mainly as many student have to walk many miles to attend schools. Many of them walk bare-footed or don’t even eat the whole day.
  • Supporting financially many students, poor or orphan, in many different schools in the whole national territory.
  • Building school buildings
  • Providing school supplies, clothes, shoes, and toys to children and adults.
  • Providing adult literacy
  • And so on


The Dagan Foundation is working in partnership with Action Bethesda (  founded also by Mr. Adolph Dagan in Togo to spread the word of God through :

  • Crusades
  • Houses to houses
  • Bible teaching in schools
  • Church planting

The Dagan Foundation trains pastors, evangelists, ministers, …

Clean Water

Many villages in Togo don’t even have water to drink. The Dagan Foundation digs wells in villages and at schools.



A lot of people are poor and cannot afford buying medications and other medical expenses. The Dagan Foundation is helping many patients purchasing medications or paying medical related expenses.

The Dagan Foundation is planning to establish medical and dental clinics as well as laboratories and pharmacies.

Fighting poverty

The Dagan Foundation is working hard in fighting poverty in Togo. In order to accomplish this goal , The Dagan Foundation is planning in establishing technical schools where young people will be trained in many domains .