About us


The vision of Dagan Foundation is to spread education, support the less privileged, endow them with excellence and positive mentality, and help them reach their God’s given destiny.. The goal of the foundation is to impact lives through concrete actions with real measurable results in the lives of people in rural areas.




The objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  1. Spread the word of God in Togo, USA, and in the rest of world.
  2. Plant and build churches and train pastors and ministers in Togo.
  3. Establish schools mainly in rural areas, build school buildings, and support disadvantaged students in their education in Togo.
  4. Dig wells in rural areas in Togo.
  5. Help poor people in any domain and fight against poverty
  6. Motivate students in their education in the United States.
  7. Support homeless in the United States
  8. Bridge the gap between Togo and USA.